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100 Best Blogs for Teachers of the Future | Clear View Education Blog

100 Best Blogs for Teachers of the Future

August 4th, 2009

Working hard to earn your teaching degree, you are likely ready to jump right into your own classroom already. Before you do so, check out these blogs to help you prepare for the real thing. From resources for teacher to veteran teachers’ perspectives to the special education classroom to education news, politics, and policy, and much more, these blogs offer information on a wide variety of educational topics.

Resources for Teaching

These blogs offer tons of great resources for teachers, whether just starting out or experienced veteran.

  1. The Top 101 Websites for Teachers. This blog is a great resource for quality places teachers can go on the Internet to find inspiration and more.
  2. Creating Lifelong Learners. Elementary teachers can find tips for teaching traditional and new media literacies.
  3. Dynamite Lesson Plan. Tips and information for teachers with a bit of education policy mixed in is found on this blog.
  4. HOPE Foundation. Offering professional development for teachers in an effort to improve learning for all students, this foundation shares its mission on its blog.
  5. Miller’s English 10 Classroom Blog. Each year, this class documents their class on this blog. Find assignments, homework prompts, and much more.
  6. The Edublogger. The official blog of Edublogs, this blog offers advice and support to blogging educators.
  7. Langwitches Blog. Not only will you find tons of links to tech resources on this blog, you will also find plenty of information about implementing technology in the classroom.
  8. Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day. Get a new resource e-learning every day on this blog.
  9. Teachers Teaching Teachers. This blog is a weekly webcast offering advice and stories from real teachers in the interest of developing knowledge and leadership.
  10. classroom as microcosm. Siobhan Curious shares advice and tips for teachers on her blog.
  11. Qrious. This blog is full of resources for teachers, including tech tools, ways to laugh along with your class, and places for teachers to earn money for their classroom.
  12. Infinite Thinking Machine. This blog shares innovative teaching tips and techniques to help teachers and students alike.
  13. The Fischbowl. Originally started as a support tool for staff development at Arapahoe High School, you can also learn from the posts here.


Implementing technology in education is the focus of these blogs.

  1. The Power of Educational Technology. This blog focuses on real-world applications of technology in the classroom.
  2. Dangerously Irrelevant. Technology and the future of schools are at the forefront of this blog.
  3. Think Like a Teacher. This tech-savvy teacher also discusses education and teaching on this blog.
  4. Cool Cat Teacher Blog. This popular blog features information about education and teaching with an emphasis on incorporating technology into it all.
  5. PBS Teachers Explore how technology and Internet culture affect both the way teachers teach and students learn with the posts here.
  6. 2¢ Worth. This veteran educator shares his insights and opinions about technology, education, and learning.
  7. iLearn Technology. Learn about ways to integrate technology in the classroom with the posts on this technology blog.
  8. Blog by Carol. Carol Cooper-Taylor blogs about e-learning and e-teaching on her blog.
  9. The Savvy Technologist. A former teacher, this blogger now helps schools implement technology to benefit students and teachers alike.
  10. NJ Tech Teacher Musings. This K-8 teacher shares his experience with technology in the classroom.
  11. Free Technology for Teachers. Stay on top of the latest resources available for educators with the posts here.
  12. On an e-journey with generation Y. Learn about the journey this teacher and her students have taken together as they explore Web 2.0 in the classroom.

Blogging Teachers

These teachers are blogging and share their experience and insight with readers.

  1. dy/dan. This young teacher shares the experience he has gained over the past six years with insightful posts about teaching.
  2. A Teacher’s View. This high school teacher shares a bit about teaching, politics, and pop culture.
  3. I Want to Teach Forever. Offering lessons, classroom ideas, and more, this teacher offers a wealth of information on his blog.
  4. The Reading Workshop. The focus of this blog lies in teaching language arts.
  5. Pensamientos. Teaching middle and high school Spanish, this teacher shares her students’ experiences, tips for other teachers, and more.
  6. Bud the Teacher. Posts that explore education are mixed with interesting photo writing prompts.
  7. Miss Cal.Q.L8. Just wrapping up her first year of teaching, this high school math teacher shares her insights along the way.
  8. Epic Adventures are Often Uncomfortable. This English teacher shares her experiences teaching as well as tips for the classroom.
  9. It’s Not all Flowers And Sausages. Get plenty of humor along with this teacher’s description of students and adults antics at school.
  10. Teacher in a Strange Land. A veteran music teacher, Nancy Flanagan shares her insight and experience.
  11. I Thought a Think. Teaching, policy, humor, and more are all on this blog.
  12. Learn Me Good. This teacher covers a wide variety of topics in his blog.
  13. A Teacher’s Tale. Sharing strategies alongside stories from his classroom, this teacher offers insight to his fifth grade class.
  14. Right on the Left Coast: Views From a Conservative Teacher. Find trivia questions along with opinion on education policies on this high school teacher’s blog.
  15. Gently Hew Stone. This high school literature teacher writes on a wide variety of topics here. New teachers won’t want to miss his post, 50 More Things New Teachers Need To Know.
  16. The Tempered Radical. This smart blog not only covers issues important in the field of education, he also posts bits from other blogs to create an ongoing dialogue with other blogging educators.
  17. On the Shoulders of Giants. Ariel Sacks shares what it is to be a teacher with posts on teacher leadership and glimpses of life as a teacher.

Teachers as Students

Due to the short nature of earning an education and student teaching, these blogs may not be currently updated, but they all have plenty to offer for those learning to become teachers.

  1. An (aspiring) Educator’s Blog. Working on an MA and hoping to teach in an underserved community, this future teacher blogs about education and her own educational process.
  2. Kate Says. Kate shares her experiences going to grad school, and includes an emphasis on educating children with autism spectrum disorders.
  3. Fifty-Nine Minutes. Read about this student teacher’s experience at a high school on his blog.
  4. Teacher Mom. Follow the ups and downs of student teaching as well as a few other topics here.
  5. Be all that you can be. Find your future–as a teacher. While technically, this teacher has just finished her first year of teaching, the archives here offer insight to the life of a teacher in training.

Special Education Emphasis

While these blogs may not focus solely on special education, they do contain an emphasis on the subject.

  1. Teachers at Risk. This Teacher of Distinction shares her insights, experience with 20 years of teaching, and practical advice.
  2. Successful Teaching. With 30 years of experience and board certification as an Exceptional Needs Specialist, this teacher knows what she’s talking about when she shares tips and strategies that are helpful for both special ed and regular ed classes.
  3. School Psychologist Blog Files. While this blog is specifically written to parents of students in Special Ed, new teachers can get a feel for challenges the students and their families may face.
  4. Okay so What Next?. Leaving the world of business and now teaching special education at a school for students with behavioral issues, this blogger shares her experiences as a teacher and a mother.
  5. Special Education Blog. Find plenty of great advice for teaching special ed children on this blog from
  6. On Special Education. Keep track of all the news pertaining to special education with this blog.
  7. Bilingual Special Ed. Written by a professor of Special Education, this blog covers research, news, policy, and more surrounding special education and bilingual education.
  8. Special Education and Learning Differences. Learning life skills, strategies for teaching special ed students, and motivating learners are just a sampling of the topics on this blog.
  9. Barto’s World. This LD teacher shares her perspective on teaching students with learning disabilities and also shares tidbits from the news on the subject.

Other Educators

Librarians, professors, consultants, and more share their insight on these blogs.

  1. Once a Teacher…. This former teacher still works in education, but working to bring innovation to education. Her blog reflects her mission to help teachers and students.
  2. Let’s Play Math!. Written by a homeschooling mom, this blog features fun ways to incorporate math in any curriculum.
  3. So You Want To Teach?. The posts here include solid advice for teachers.
  4. Joanne Jacobs. The author of a book about a charter school focusing on preparing Hispanic students for college, Joanne blogs about education in the news.
  5. The Lesson Machine. Inexpensive resources for teachers are featured on this blog broken down into categories of literature, media, and supplies/resources.
  6. Open Education. Follow the changes and innovations occurring in education with the posts on this blog.
  7. HeyJude. Judy O’Connell blogs about technology, education, and libraries in her blog.
  8. Brian McCall’s Economics of Education Blog. See what this professor has to say about the impact of the state of economics on education.
  9. Teach42. Formerly a kindergarten teacher and currently working at Discovery Education, Steve Dembo writes about education, with an emphasis on technology.
  10. Self Made Scholar. A former English teacher, this blogger promotes opportunities for self-learners on her blog. Find great ideas you can incorporate into your lesson plans.
  11. NeverEndingSearch. This blog from School Library Journal is focused primarily on school library topics, but there is much information to offer on teaching and learning in general.

Professional Education Blogs

Read what the professionals have to say in these blogs.

  1. Edutopia Blogs. The blogs at this site are written by professionals with varied backgrounds including teachers, psychologists, education consultants, and more.
  2. TLN Teacher Voices. Find tips, book reviews, and perspective from other teachers on this blog from Teacher Leaders Network.
  3. Inside Pre-K. Keep up with the policies surrounding Pre-K as well as teaching insight and advice.
  4. Nucleus Learning. Education, child development, and parenting all feature here.
  5. American Board for Teacher Certification Excellence. Learn about what is affecting education and find practical tips too on this blog.
  6. The Education Business Blog. This blog offers a detailed and thoughtful examination of many issues affecting education.
  7. Angela Maiers. This educational consultant shares great information about becoming great learners and leading great learners.
  8. This Week In Education. From Scholastic, this blog provides the latest education news.
  9. Eduflack. Aiming to improve educational performance through communication, this blog from an education communications professional shares insight and analysis of educational trends.
  10. Flypaper. This blog from an educational reform think tank shares a bit of what goes on around their water cooler on this blog.
  11. edspresso. From The Center for Education Reform, this blog shares education reform news with editorial commentary.
  12. Time4Writing. The information on this blog includes tips and strategies for teaching writing as well as a few news stories.

News and Politics

These blogs will keep you up to date on all the news and politics surrounding education.

  1. Buckhorn Road. Focusing on education, politics, and current events, the posts here cover it all.
  2. NYC Educator. Politics and policy both feature highly here as does information and opinion about education news.
  3. Intercepts. This blog from the Education Intelligence Agency covers public education and teachers’ unions.
  4. Eduwonk. Covering news and analyzing what is happening to the world of education, the posts here offer a look at education today.
  5. Politics K-12. From Education Week, this blog focuses on state and federal politics of education.
  6. Teacher Beat. Another Education Week blog, this one provides the latest on politics and policy important to teachers.
  7. Democrats for Education Reform. This political action committee works with the Democratic party to reform education and its blog discusses important issues surrounding education and reform.
  8. GothamSchools. This blog is written by two education reporters with outstanding credentials and focuses on what is and is not working in the New York schools.
  9. Whether national or international, commentary, or breaking news, if it has to do with education, it will probably appear in this blog.
  10. TeachMoore. Renee Moore writes about politics and news in the education community on her blog.


Focusing on current and future education policy and reform, these blogs offer insight to making public education better for both students and teachers.

  1. 5/17. Jim Anderson blogs about education stories in the news as well as news and policies that affect Washington state–where he teaches.
  2. Stories from Schools. Teachers discuss how policies have impacted education in their classrooms on this collaborative blog.
  3. Early Ed Watch. This blog keeps its eye on policies affecting the availability of quality early education.
  4. The Doc Is In. Learn about Dr. Pezz’s take on education policy, especially as it pertains to the high school level.
  5. Education Policy Blog. This collaborative blog touches on several aspects of education policy, including philosophy, history, curriculum theory, sociology, and more.
  6. Jay P. Greene’s Blog. Head of the Department of Education Reform at University of Arkansas, Greene shares his perspective on education policy and more on his blog.
  7. The Quick and the Ed. Find both analysis and opinion on education news, policy, and politics.
  8. Practical Theory. This teacher advocates and actively pursues positive changes in public schools.
  9. Tuttle SVC. Tom Hoffman blogs about education policy and reform, especially as it concerns Rhode Island schools.
  10. Thoughts on Education Policy. Corey Bunje Bower shares thoughts on education policy while working on a Ph.D.
  11. The Core Knowledge Blog. This collaborative blog explores education policy with an eye on teaching concept-based curriculum.