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The social science of Economics teaches students to analyze and quantify the inner workings of the production, distribution and consumption of wealth on a large scale. The Economics degree is available to earn as an Associate, Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. Various types of study of economics can be applied to the world of employment. Teaching economics is a common way to apply the degree, as well as working for government or corporate institutions to act as an economic consultant. Others study large domestic economies, foreign economies large or small and others still apply it to study things like the economics of poverty.

Schools that Offer Online Economics Degrees:

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Strayer University

Established in 1892, Strayer University has grown to a staggering 55 campuses and currently enrolls more than 36,000 students in their fully accredited graduate and undergraduate programs offered in a variety of disciplines. Hailed as one of the top online colleges, Strayer succeeds in their mission of quality in and excellence in education by offering students faculty advisors who will help guide each student to a personalized education plan to achieve your career goals and objectives.