Online Entrepreneurship Schools & Colleges

Entrepreneurship is a degree that will teach you everything you need to know to launch a business on your own based around your highly marketable ideas. Entrepreneurs are taught the value of satisfying customers with products, goods and services that they either need or desire. A degree in Entrepreneurship affords training in a variety of areas key to building and maintaining a successful business including, accounting, marketing and advertising as well as a strong emphasis on business practice and financial awareness. This degree is the most useful for those planning to launch business, large or small, and go on to become CEO’s of increasingly larger companies.

Schools that Offer Online Entrepreneurship Degrees:

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Strayer University

Established in 1892, Strayer University has grown to a staggering 55 campuses and currently enrolls more than 36,000 students in their fully accredited graduate and undergraduate programs offered in a variety of disciplines. Hailed as one of the top online colleges, Strayer succeeds in their mission of quality in and excellence in education by offering students faculty advisors who will help guide each student to a personalized education plan to achieve your career goals and objectives.

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Kaplan University

Unlike most colleges, Kaplan University is completely online where they focus on adding as much of a human touch to their courses as possible. Since all of the courses are, however, offered online, you can attend classes 24/7, 365 days a year, from any location of your choosing. It’s the ultimate in flexibility in your hectic schedule for your important and valuable continuing education.

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Jones International University

Jones International University is one of the first universities in the world to exist completely online. They always strive to bring all your academic goals within reach no matter what your circumstances. With a wide variety of degrees available and the experience needed to suit your unique academic goals, JIU is one of the best at what they do.

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Ellis College