Online Bachelor in Project Management Schools & Colleges

Someone with a Bachelor in Project Management (PMP) usually oversees group projects for various types of companies and non-profit organizations. They are responsible for being the driving force behind a project, responsible for all aspects of it. Project Management (PMP) puts you at the center of every project where you must keep the team together and on task, apprise the higher-ups of your progress and see the project through until it’s conclusion. Reliable programs that offer a Bachelor in Project Management (PMP) will teach you about a variety of project concepts, practices and procedures to make you the best Project Manager you can be. Most project managers have Bachelors degrees, though they wait an average of three to five years before they’re able to oversee their own projects.

Schools that Offer Online Bachelor in Project Management Degrees:

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American Intercontinental

Founded in 1970, American InterContinental University offers an impressive array of Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in a blended learning format (on campus and online) to accommodate the lives of today’s busiest students. So, if you’re looking to find a degree in fields ranging from Design and Criminal Justice to Business and Healthcare Management. In addition to these traditional, local offerings, American InterContinental University has a well-regarded study abroad program where students study in diverse locations like Paris, Florence, London and Dubai, among others.

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Capella Univesity

As a charter member of the Academic Quality Improvement Program, Capella University is committed to providing a continually improving high quality online education that challenges you, while providing the resources, support, and assistance you need to keep on track toward your goals. Degrees and certifications ranging from bachelor’s and PhDs are available in a variety of high demand fields including; Healthcare, Business Management, Education and Public Safety.