Online Homeland Security Schools & Colleges

Those looking to earn a degree in Homeland Security are obviously already aware of the continuing threats of terrorism to this country and are seeking the means to do something productive about it. Those who graduate from the Homeland Security degree program work every day to ensure the safety of America and all of its citizens, whether from natural disasters, riots or terrorist attacks. Careers available with this degree run from every level of federal, state and local law enforcement and with a continued emphasis on spending tax dollars on safety, the jobs at these levels are plentiful.

Schools that Offer Online Homeland Security Degrees:

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Everest University

With over 90 campuses spread over North America, Everest University is the perfect place to start to get the education you need to get on with your life. Offering a mix of online and in-person classes on a variety of campuses, Everest University is the answer to your educational needs. They have programs and degrees ranging from Homeland Security and Criminal Justice to Accounting and Paralegal careers.

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Capella Univesity

As a charter member of the Academic Quality Improvement Program, Capella University is committed to providing a continually improving high quality online education that challenges you, while providing the resources, support, and assistance you need to keep on track toward your goals. Degrees and certifications ranging from bachelor’s and PhDs are available in a variety of high demand fields including; Healthcare, Business Management, Education and Public Safety.

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Keiser University

Its main office located in Fort Lauderdale with additional campuses located throughout the State of Florida, Keiser University is a regionally accredited, private, four-year career college offering programs and degrees ranging from Criminal Justice to nursing. The University’s degrees are offered both campus based and through the Online Education campus.