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A Health Education Degree revolves around training and educating graduates on ways to encourage good health within their communities through studying exercise, diet, vitamins, and many other topics. The courses taken will vary depending upon the type of degree being pursued as degrees range from Associates to PhDs. General health courses are taken at the Associate’s level, while at the Master’s level, students would be able to specialize in a certain area such as Health Promotion Management. A Master’s degree would allow in Health Education allows students to pursue leadership and management positions in places like hospitals and clinics. Average salaries for Health Education employees are about $50,000.

Schools that Offer Online Health Education Degrees:

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Capella Univesity

As a charter member of the Academic Quality Improvement Program, Capella University is committed to providing a continually improving high quality online education that challenges you, while providing the resources, support, and assistance you need to keep on track toward your goals. Degrees and certifications ranging from bachelor’s and PhDs are available in a variety of high demand fields including; Healthcare, Business Management, Education and Public Safety.