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Psychology is a strong area that overlaps into other educational areas. Education, medicine, and social work are just a few of these other occupational areas. This field explores the research already developed and research yet to be conducted concerning the mind, the brain, the scientific basis, the behavioral basis, and the relationship between them all. A blend of exact science, past studies, and environmental influences will be covered in this field of study. Careers strongly influenced by Psychology are social work, education, criminal justice healthcare careers. To find out more about an online degree in Psychology, search the schools below.

Schools that Offer Online Psychology Degrees:

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Argosy University

Drawing upon their rich 30-year history and student-centered approach to teaching, Argosy University has perfected a curriculum designed to offer students the practical experience and interpersonal skills you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced workplaces. With four major colleges of study (Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Education, Business and Health Sciences) Argosy University covers a wide range of Bachelor’s, Associate’s and Master’s degrees perfect for getting ahead in the job market and in your educational life

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Capella Univesity

As a charter member of the Academic Quality Improvement Program, Capella University is committed to providing a continually improving high quality online education that challenges you, while providing the resources, support, and assistance you need to keep on track toward your goals. Degrees and certifications ranging from bachelor’s and PhDs are available in a variety of high demand fields including; Healthcare, Business Management, Education and Public Safety.

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Ellis College