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A Bachelor’s in Psychology is a good basis for getting ones foot in the door of an entry-level position in the field of social work while also proving useful in a number of non-related fields. Many graduates with a Bachelor’s in Psychology go on to work in careers as varied as advertising, business, medicine, and teaching. While several options are available for a psychology graduate, those who are interested in a professional psychology career as a psychologist, therapist, or psychological analyst, a graduate degree and training is almost always required. Social Work and Human Services careers often afford psychology majors greater freedom and opportunity to gain experience while pursuing a specialized Master or Doctorate Degree.

Schools that Offer Online Bachelor in Psychology Degrees:

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Argosy University

Drawing upon their rich 30-year history and student-centered approach to teaching, Argosy University has perfected a curriculum designed to offer students the practical experience and interpersonal skills you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced workplaces. With four major colleges of study (Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Education, Business and Health Sciences) Argosy University covers a wide range of Bachelor’s, Associate’s and Master’s degrees perfect for getting ahead in the job market and in your educational life

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Ellis College