Online Education: An Alternate Vision

The journey of life for a great majority starts with a few promises. There are certain principles everyone ideally adheres to, or at least vows to follow. One of the main pledges is being responsive to good education.

While there is always the traditional channel of schools and colleges, after a stage, due to time restraints and uncomfortable feeling in those institutions, students cut off from the boon of education and take an entirely different option in life. Not any more.

Just in order to meet their unconventional needs, the scope of online education has emerged, much as a proverbial straw to the drowning man. The remarkable concept, with a global impact, is fast providing an alternate vision to the rising population who have bidden adieu to the benefits of education.

The question that naturally makes the rounds is: What is online Education? It is a system of imparting education on the net wherein one can get affiliated to degree courses and even graduate from reputed institutions. The feeling of being a student of a particular course along with others spanning many cities, even countries, is very encouraging.

The format of teaching is carefully put together by experts and every effort is made to keep the classes interesting. Yes, there are regular classes held at stated timings and one just needs to log on to his personal stream and score attendance.

Parents have this tendency to make comparisons between fellow students making the individual student insecure and thus reluctant. That is not the case with online education as the students, spread over a great geographical domain, are hard to be compared. The classes moreover are very interactive and result in many fruitful alliances for life. The racial discrimination is also non-existent.

The professor-teacher relationship is also on a new high with regular connections enabled through chat sessions, emails and interactive classes. Such nearness with the teacher, an obvious expert in the subject of your choice is good news. Online education is also assisted by continuous updating of events. Imagine that in text books!

The test and assignments are surely there to keep periodical checks of how the student is progressing. But one has the privilege to balance his studies with any vocation he may be following as the timings are pretty flexible.

The best thing is that such an education is at hand irrespective of where the student is residing at anytime of the year; on a holiday, business trip or other works. One can access the classes online from anywhere, subject only to the internet availability at the particular place.

True, such education doesn’t come free, but thinking of it; this is the question of gaining the very core of life – good education. There are times when money factor becomes, or should become secondary. And there are no hidden costs like books, stationary, maintenance, uniforms, fests, events et al. A computer and good internet connection are enough to work wonders.

Online education is here to stay and make the world its garden. The need is for the flowers to grow and shine.

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