Online Education: Its Emergence

In olden times, one could see the wandering bards and musicians traveling through many countries and propagating their respective cultures. They would be instrumental in bringing forth intricate knowledge of various kingdoms and their fine points. Thus, through them, there would be some sort of general awareness about the neighboring nations.

These bards may be unofficially hailed as the pioneers of distance learning!

Over the last 30 odd years, as the technology has reached new heights and the computer has taken over as the pumping heart of the world, there are very few arenas left untouched by the widening influence of internet. And one of the primary beneficiaries has been the elemental education.

The process of infusing education through bits and bytes has found great acceptance among the current generation of humans. Initially, the earnest labors of scientists in USA and UK started to propagate the system of online learning and education very meticulously and were even ridiculed at the beginning of this momentous feat.

But as time wore on and internet became unbelievably popular, the other countries realized that it is only natural to give teachings on the user-friendly computers and make use of the excessive craze that the machine generated.

Steadily, much like the mock tests of MBA aspirants, a consistent system was established using trial and error methods. What the students need on the net? What special additions need to be made to give a distinct touch to online education? How to promote and spread the concept on a huge scale? These questions were high on the mind of the programmers who did a commendable job in finding the correct solution and giving online education a very compact edge.

Those who couldn’t attend normal classes and follow the teachers in the colleges for different reasons got a great option in online education. With the brilliant facility of going through a filmed class at any chosen time and getting things cleared via numerous forums and discussions with fellow students, the students welcomed the new and growing idea with open hands. And the onward publicity through word-of-mouth.

Online education has over the last 2 decades shaped itself into being indispensable. So much so that all leading institutions, or almost all, throw their weight to promote it and give degree courses on their specialized streams. Needless to say that there is no shortage of streams to graduate in for the online student. Because of the world wide network of internet, the number of courses available for the Bachelors and Masters degree covers almost all subjects, a ready choice which a normal student may never have.

The population catering to online education is gaining grounds with every day and the spacious arrangements made for the benefit of each and every student are an eye-catching feature. A single affair such as the Gulf War can be gauged through online education by taking inputs of students from the USA and Iraq and the different perspective is thereby gained. This is one of the many examples that put online education in a very positive light.

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