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Learn more about the accredited online colleges and accredited degrees by selecting reviewing the top online colleges below. We have reviewed the top accredited online colleges in the country to provide you with the most up to date information on each.

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Kaplan University - Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees. Kaplan University is an accredited online university that prepares students to start exciting new careers. Kaplan's online program sets the standard in quality education formatted to be taken entirely on your home computer.
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AIU Online, American Intercontinental University Online
American InterContinental University Online - Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees. Associate’s, Bachelor’s, & Master’s Degrees. American InterContinental University prepares students with a well respected curriculum with degree plans in high-growth industries. AIU is an accredited university with campus and online classes available.
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Ashford University - Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees. Ashford University dedicates itself to providing high quality educational programs that students want and need. A large number of the programs consist of degrees that can be taken entirely online.
Walden University
Walden University - Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees. Offering high-quality instruction and academic support, Walden University is known for their reputable online degree programs. Students have the opportunity to gain the knowledge needed to impact their lives, without having to sacrifice their current lifestyles.
Walden College
Colorado Technical University
Colorado Technical University - Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's & Doctoral Degrees. Colorado Technical University is a top accredited online university offering a vast number of degree programs to first-time students or working professionals looking to advance in their career. Their rigorous and educationally exhilarating curriculum will instill the knowledge, training, and skills necessary for students to succeed in their professional lives.
Colorado Technical University
DeVry University
DeVry University - Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees. With an emphasis in providing high quality upper-level education, DeVry University is an online college perfect for life-long learners. With DeVry's affordable degree plans, students on a budget can continue going to school without worrying about being able to afford it.
DeVry University

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